M-640a-l Wee Flower Mouse of the Month COMPLETE SET

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M-640a - M640l Wee Flower Mouse of the Month COMPLETE SET
These sweet little mice are wearing the glistening petals of the flower that represents each month. Like a birthstone, but oh so much more heartfelt, she makes a great gift to celebrate a special date, person, or simply a little someone to connect with.
Sculpted by Willy. 1.375" x 1"

Released July 2018.

Includes ALL 12 color options:
M-640a JANUARY - Carnation
M-640b FEBRUARY - Violet
M-640c MARCH - Daffodil
M-640d APRIL - Sweet Pea
M-640e MAY - Lily of the Valley
M-640f JUNE - Rose  **(50% OFF)**
M-640g JULY - Delphinium
M-640h AUGUST - Gladiolus
M-640i SEPTEMBER - Aster
M-640j OCTOBER - Marigold
M-640k NOVEMBER - Chrysanthemum
M-640l DECEMBER - Poinsettia  **(50% OFF)**

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