M-423 The Elegant Hostess

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M-423 The Elegant Hostess Annette Petersen has sculpted a very special piece in honor of her 91st year. It is of an elegantly dressed mouse serving one of her specialties to all her guests! The other side of the sculpture features a chair with a present and little puppy. Sculpted by Annette. 2" x 2.5" "Last year at the age of 90 I had the unexpected pleasure of still being able to create a new piece for Christmas called “Oh My a Christmas Present.” At 91, I feel so fortunate for the privilege of being able to relive that joyous feeling by sculpting a sequel, "The Elegant Hostess” for this year. The unbelievable warmth returned to me from you, my wonderful collectors, inspires me. If my wish is granted, sequels will continue to be a yearly event. Love to all, Annette" Color choices: M-423 RED tablecloth M-423 GREEN tablecloth Released November 2010.