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If you previously had an account on our old website, you WILL need to create a new account. Our new website will not retain your previous purchase history, but WILL show your purchase history accurately from 2/14/2018 onward. If you need to contact us, use our contact form. 

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5/6 Discount Program

Purchase 5 Wee Forest Folk pieces, receive 50% off the 6th piece.

  • Discount not to exceed 50% of the highest priced piece of the first 5 pieces. (Ex. If the first 5 pieces were $50, $50, $50, $100, and $160, and the 6th piece is $200, then the discount will be $80.)
  • We will track your purchases. You do NOT need to purchase all 6 at once to receive your discount.
  • The Display Cases, Mugs and Note Cards are not eligible for the Wee Forest Folk 5/6 Discount. Only figurines count toward this promotion.
  • Exclusives and limited pieces may not be discounted, (but they may count towards your first 5 pieces).
  • Discount will be calculated AFTER the sale of the 6th piece and applied to your account as STORE CREDIT to be used on your next purchase.
  • This discount is the ONLY discount program authorized by Wee Forest Folk.

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